Sara Soulati

CEO Sara Soulati, Sara Soulati EECP Method, Creator of Sara Soulati Health for Life Program

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Since 1996, I have worked in the field of EECP, Enhanced External Counterpulsation. I have combined this amazing therapy into the Sara Soulati EECP Method to help reverse and treat cardiovascular disease with EECP and my program, the patent-pending Sara Soulati Health for Life Program.

As founder of Global Cardio Care in 2002, I knew my mission was to save lives with a non-invasive, non-surgical therapy as an alternative to heart bypass procedures. EECP is FDA cleared and reimbursable by Medicare for a variety of conditions.

My program is a lifestyle modification program that helps

My experience is also in sports and how EECP helps with sports enhancement. I have trained with elite athletes and understand how EECP helps with endurance, sports recovery, and more.

In my two centers in Inglewood, California and West Los Angeles, I invite you to schedule a trial session of EECP so you can feel amazing. This therapy is also good for healthy individuals who want to focus on disease prevention. Call us at 310-412-8181 and let us know how you found us. We want to help save your life and prevent cardiovascular disease, diabetes, stroke, hypertension, peripheral vascular disease, and more.

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My mission is about health coaching with love, saving lives for those suffering from cardiovascular disease, ensuring that people have alternative therapy so they don't need heart-bypass surgery, and saving lives with EECP and the Sara Soulati Health for Life Program. I encourage and help coach people to become vegan because plant-based nutrition is part of lifestyle modification.